Toilets, Faucets and Fixtures

Bathrooms can have all types of plumbing problems. From irritating (and money-wasting) leaks to broken faucets, failing wax rings to clogged bathtub drains. We’ve seen it all. At Hutzel, we can get your bathroom fixtures, faucets and toilets running just the way they’re supposed to.

And if you’d like to give your bathroom an update, or you just need a new sink, faucet, or toilet, we are experts at installation. Easy and worry free. That’s how we do it.

If the plumbing in your bathroom enclosed in a cabinet, be sure to occasionally inspect all the pipes for leaks.

Dealing with multiple (unexpected) renovations for almost a full year, we’ve worked with many different people; some great and some not so great, and we’ve learned how to tell the difference.
Hutzel is great. We hired them in the beginning of our renovation; other people who have worked on our home have commented on how good the plumbing is. We hired them again to finish the job.
They were prompt, professional, friendly, and respectful of our home. The professional who worked on finishing up the renovation with our sink/disposal/dishwasher answered my many questions and explained things to me that will be useful if I need to do some simple fixes myself. It is a rare and precious thing to find a company that cares more about its clients than profits. Good plumbing is an investment for the future. Our huge, unexpected renovation was the result of a past owner going with the least expensive offer. Hutzel was not the cheapest offer we got, but they are worth far more than they charge.